Acquisitions and Mergers

You built a business to grow it. To continuously learn from setbacks and capitalize on your years of mounting expertise. Success, however, can bring big changes to your organizational structure. Critical business transitions, such as relocation, divestiture and acquisitions and mergers, present specific technology challenges that you might not have gone into business for.

RPM has the knowledge and experience to manage these transitions and avoid a critical sidestep that could hurt your business. Leave the technical stuff to us and avoid system downtime, data loss and security breaches that can have a wide-ranging and costly impact on your business — from lost revenue to compromised customer confidence to complete business failure.

  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Relocation and expansion services
  • Migration to hosted facilities
  • Major infrastructure upgrades
  • Legacy system migration
  • IT strategic planning
  • Organizational design
  • Business/technical roadmap development
  • Implementation of best practices/ITIL/CobIT
  • Compliance integration
  • Business continuity planning
  • Business process and support consulting
  • Due Diligence Planning

    In almost any business transition, important pieces can fall through the cracks. This is particularly true in IT where things like proper licensing can be overlooked. RPM unclutters your move, keeping you up to speed with technology.

  • Systems Integration

    Whether you’re adding to your business or subtracting something from it, RPM helps you fill in any of the potentially disruptive gaps by covering all the technological bases of a move.

  • Controlled Transition

    Anticipating and being receptive to change helps your business grow. RPM has worked behind the scenes in countless company transitions over the years. While nothing is ever old hat, we know what to look for and know how to keep operations running securely — effectively controlling the chaos.